Course Protection against weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

We are now completing our update of the course. Among other things, a number of tables will be added to the course, which in cases of necessity will be an important guide. We expect the course to be ready in the summer of 2023.

When we talk about weapons of mass destruction, we mostly mean nuclear, biological, (formerly referred to as bacteriological), chemical, toxin and radiological weapons. Although various treaties have been signed prohibiting their production, propagation, and use in war conflicts, in spite of this it is not good to rely on these treaties. They probably won't apply within times of war. Additionally, the use of nuclear weapons in war is not prohibited. Regarding the possibility of the mass production of weapons of mass destruction, then the easiest and fastest to produce are chemical and biological weapons, and therefore it is not a problem to easily begin their production just before the start of an impending conflict.

Towards the end of the article What lies ahead in 2011 and 2012 in a simulation of a ground nuclear attack in the centre of a hypothetical city, we highlighted the dependence of the number of deaths on the level of knowledge of protection against nuclear weapons. It is also true with regards to chemical, biological and toxin weapons that the better our knowledge of how to protect ourselves from their effects, then the less problems we can expect. In this course, we focus upon nuclear, chemical, biological, toxin and radiological weapons.

Even in a global thermonuclear war, chemical, biological, and in some places even toxin weapons would be used, often as a kind of 'top up' to nuclear strikes. Similar to nuclear weapons, the effectiveness of other weapons of mass destruction is influenced by a number of factors. In order to assess the effects of chemical, biological and toxin weapons on humans it is necessary to take into account the extent of the attack, what kind of chemical warfare agents and/or biological agents and/or poisons (toxins) were used during the attack and in what quantity, how they were used, the rate at which the attack was detected, the atmospheric conditions prevailing during the time of the attack and after it (the air temperature and in the event of a chemical attack even the soil surface temperature, the direction and speed of ground-level wind, the intensity of precipitation, the type of thermal stratification of the atmosphere, the degree of cloud cover, the air humidity etc.), the distance from the epicentre of such an attack, the vegetation (type, density, height and area) and the shape of the landscape between the epicentre and the place of their incidence, the nature of the target (city, forest, meadow, etc.), the time elapsed since the attack, the time spent in the contaminated area, what time has passed since the attack before entering the contaminated area, what protective equipment has been used for the duration of the stay in the infected area, if people in the infected area had appropriate knowledge of how to protect themselves against an attack led by weapons of mass destruction, the age of the people affected, etc. It should be noted that if we had, for example, ten identical chemical bombs and used them to attack ten different areas, then the size of the infected areas could differ quite fundamentally, even severalfold, and in addition, each area would be contaminated at more or less different times. As it also would be likewise in the event of the use of biological or toxin weapons.

In the event of the use of chemical, biological or toxin weapons, of course comprehensive knowledge regarding protection against their effects at least is necessary. However, without the appropriate background, it could be quite difficult in some areas and sometimes even almost impossible to deal with their effects. Even in an improvised shelter, it would be difficult to get along without quality filter ventilation in such a case. For this purpose, our developed manual filter ventilation equipment, which is mobile and is designed especially for combat deployment in conditions during the use of weapons of mass destruction, can work well.

What you will learn during the course Protection against WMD

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