Protection against weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

We deal with the protection of people, animals and properties against the effects of weapons of mass destruction.

There are many myths circulated surrounding weapons of mass destruction (WMD), most of which concern nuclear weapons. People who know nothing at all about the effects of nuclear weapons are spreading rumors that a nuclear war would annihilate mankind and that it is not possible to be effectively protected against nuclear weapons. Various freely available programs on the internet, which only pretend to “simulate” the effects of nuclear explosions on cities, also contribute to the spread of these senseless conclusions. In fact, appropriate protection against weapons of mass destruction is relatively simple, if you know what to do.

The events of recent years are clear evidence of the direction of developments in the world, mainly thanks to The West and its allies. The main media however try to convince people of the exact opposite. All we need to add to this: “Those who want to see will see.”

We offer the following in the area of protection against weapons of mass destruction:

  • Consultancy concerning protection against WMD

    This type of consultation is focused more on general questions from the area of protection against weapons of mass destruction, questions which do not require complex calculations and the supply of a range of initial information, as is the case with the other consultancy services. It also helps, for example, to assess the suitability of the various steps taken, or intended to be taken within the preparation process, and how it would be possible to improve them if necessary.

  • Consultancy concerning air filtration

    Air filtration is not as simple as it seems to be at the first glance. It is not enough just to have filter ventilation equipment with several spare filters, plus also enough fuel for the generator if need be. Improper filtration can especially lead to a significant reduction in the lifespan of the filters, (in extreme cases, the lifespan of the filters can be shortened to just a few minutes), or to an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in a shelter to above the safe level.

    In this consultancy, we focus upon recommendations on how to extend the lifespan of filters, especially in conditions during the use of weapons of mass destruction, how long the air should be filtered and with what intervals, for how long the shelter can be completely cut off from the external air supply (isolation mode), etc. It also includes consultancy concerning ventilation without filter ventilation equipment (FVE).

  • Consultancy concerning ventilation without filter ventilation equipment (FVE)

    Under the conditions during the use of weapons of mass destruction, the air should be filtered. Those who have no such option, must let unfiltered outdoor air into the shelter, and are dependent therefore only on ventilation. Especially in such a situation, it is very important to know when and how to ventilate, how long to ventilate and for how long it is safe to stay in the shelter without ventilation (isolation mode). This key information is part of this consultancy.

  • Consultancy concerning the provision of drinking water during the use of WMD

    When weapons of mass destruction are being used, it could often be relatively difficult to find a suitable source of water in nature that could be easily adapted for drinking. For example, disinfection of the water could be completely inadequate, likewise only boiling it. At the water source, there should be a high chance that civilians could easily prepare drinking water from it in field conditions.

    In this consultancy, we solve not only which surrounding water sources would be appropriate to use (at different times after the WMD attack), but also how to treat this water for drinking and how to subsequently store it.

  • Consultancy concerning the effects of nuclear explosions

    On the internet in particular, there are various very simplified instructions on what should be done in the imminent risk of a nuclear attack, during the nuclear explosion itself and shortly after it. However, they all are missing the vital detail, which is under what conditions they should be applied. Although they may help people in some circumstances, in others however they could mean certain death.

    It is important to note that there is not and there can not be any general recommendation as to what should be done during and after a nuclear explosion. What one should do under given conditions depends upon many circumstances. From the point of view of short-term protection against nuclear weapons, it is enough to follow a few basic recommendations, but as far as long-term protection is concerned, the situation is much more complicated, especially if there is heavy radioactive contamination in the area. Heavy radioactive contamination of the terrain by local fallout would, of course, also affect people in well-equipped fallout shelters, although usually not to the same extent as in the case of people in improvised shelters.

    During the consultation on the effects of nuclear explosions, we focus on both short-term and long-term protection. We focus mainly on the improvised shelter, but even for people with more or less high-quality fallout shelters, it can also be a valuable and in some circumstances indispensable tool.

  • Consultancy All in 1 (without filter ventilation equipment – FVE)

    This is an advantageous discount offer of the above-mentioned consultancy services, apart from the consultancy concerning air filtration.

  • Consultancy All in 1 (with filter ventilation equipment – FVE)

    This is an advantageous discount offer of all the above-mentioned consultancy services.