April 10, 2023 – The receipt of new applications for this advice has been suspended. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is available to a limited extent.

Consultancy concerning the provision of drinking water during the use of WMD

It is estimated that more people would die as a result of drinking poor quality water than as a result of the war conflict. The provision of drinking water therefore represents a crucial task not only in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but also during the collapse of civilization due to, for example, some natural disaster with a global range.

Reserves of bottled water can last for several months, but then it would still be necessary to have sufficient access to drinking water. There are quite a number of water treatment processes which are dependent upon water temperature, the available energy etc. However even these processes may not be effective enough, if the matter of selecting the water source is undervalued. It is therefore necessary to devote close attention to the actual choice of the water source..

At first glance, it looks very easy. You arrive at some stream or other water source, water is collected in some container and in some way it is subsequently made safe for drinking. During winter freezing for example, the chances of treating water are reduced. When we also take into account possible contamination with chemical warfare agents and radioactive fallout, everything is made even more complicated. In such cases, the disinfection of water is ineffective, and this also applies to boiling the water, the use of ceramic filters etc. However, it will help to choose such a water source which will have a low risk of contamination from harmful substances.

We offer a recommendation regarding which water sources around your shelter would be suitable to take water from in various circumstances, and subsequently how to treat it safely.

For whom the consultancy is important

This consultancy service is beneficial for those who would like to know what water resources (or parts of them) in their vicinity would be suitable to use in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction and how to subsequently convert that water into drinking water.

What you will learn from the consultancy service

You will receive recommendations on how to properly prepare drinking water in various ways with regards to the different conditions in the given area. We give advice according to how we ourselves would proceed in a given area under different conditions, plus we also give reasons why we would lean towards one given procedure and not another. You will receive instructions on where it would be suitable to collect water, how to subsequently carry, purify and store it.

Consultancy procedure

After receiving the necessary information, (electronically, by regular mail, or personally by prior arrangement), we will send notification when everything should be prepared for you. You will be asked to pay just before we prepare our recommendations.

Comprehensibility of the obtained information

The recommendations should be well understood by everyone who has completed basic education.

Necessary information

We need to know the water sources in your area within a distance of 1-3 km/mi (or further if need be). Important information is the exact location of streams and wells. As you know the area well, it is also necessary that you provide us with a list of critical objects and their location, if they are within a distance of 20–30 km (12–19 mi) from the shelter. Looking at larger cities (approximately over 100,000 inhabitants), chemical plants, waterworks, large industrial centres, swimming and winter stadia, fertilizer and fuel depots, refineries, power stations, civil and military airports (including former ones), radar stations, air defence systems, military bases and ammunition depots, military fallout shelters, larger dams etc. This detailed information will allow us to assess the possible impact of the environment on nearby water sources.

Answers to some of the questions

In the garden, I have a well supplying drinking water, so can I consider it a reliable source of drinking water?

Wells are among the safer water sources, but it would be wise to treat the water by disinfection, boiling etc. before ingestion. With increasing drought, some wells dry up, so it is not possible to use all wells all the year round. However, there is also a risk that harmful substances may enter the well, especially if they have penetrated the groundwater. It is good to consider carefully the influence of the surroundings on the quality of the ground water. Under certain conditions, well water might not be suitable at all.

Would distillation solve the problem of chemical warfare agents being partially dispersed in the water?

That would be only a partial solution. Some military chemical agents would only manage to be partially removed by distillation. Besides, there is no point in talking about distillation given the energy demands of the process.

I live in an area that is far from all strategic targets. Is it enough for me only to use a UV lamp to disinfect the water?

It may be, but also it may not. It is necessary to have a sufficient number of spare batteries, but a failure of this device cannot be ruled out. Besides, even an area far from any strategic targets can be hit by a chemical attack when, for example, a chemical-filled missile is shot down, and therefore it cannot be maintained that any area would be completely safe. Although it has a much lower risk of being hit by a chemical attack, the same however may not be true in the case of possible radioactive fallout.

Delivery time

The recommendations are compiled according to a waiting list, and the current lead time is about 2–3 months.
(April 10, 2023 – We are no longer accepting new applications for this advice. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is still available to a limited extent.)

Delivery method

We send recommendations by registered mail by Czech Post, but personal collection is also possible by prior arrangement.


Payment is made by bank transfer or in cash by prior arrangement (some other payment methods are possible). We send the request for payment shortly before we start processing the recommendations. After receiving the payment, everything is dispatched or ready for personal collection within about a week.


The price for the recommendation of a suitable way of providing drinking water in a given area is 2,949 CZK (approx. 138 USD or 126 EUR). The price in USD or EUR depends on the current rate of exchange of the Czech crown on the date of payment. Postage or personal collection, by prior arrangement, is without charge. Information are in English (translation into other languages is possible).

If an order is cancelled prior to payment, no fee will be charged. If the order is cancelled within two days after payment, the fee is 20 %, within three days 50 %, and over three days 100 % (in this case, everything will be delivered).

By purchasing, you agree to the terms and conditions.