Consultancy service

In recent years in particular, the number of people who perceive the situation in the world as serious and who have decided to act has rightfully started to rapidly increase. They buy protective masks, build various shelters or at least plan to make an improvised shelter, collect various supplies etc. With only minor exceptions, they only have general information about suitable protection against weapons of mass destruction, and therefore they usually have a false sense of security that they are well prepared. In reality however, this material preparation for the vast majority of them does not even mean half a success and can be considered insufficient, practically regardless of the amount of money spent.

We offer help with preparation aimed at protection against weapons of mass destruction, amongst other things we offer several types of specialized consultancy services. These consultations are focused on practical information. Therefore they also include recommendations for certain situations, which most people in preparation do not see as problematic, due to the underestimation of the importance of the circumstances and insufficient knowledge about protection against weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the recommendations are made with regards to how we ourselves would proceed in the nominated area on the basis of the information received. We also explain, with respect to some of the recommendations, why we would use one specific procedure and not another.

Provided consultancy