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Construction of Fallout Shelters

The design and construction of both fallout shelters and also shelters with an increased seismic resistance. The main focus being on smaller shelters, i.e. family-type shelters.

Manual Filter-Ventilation Device for Everyone

Mobile manual filter-ventilation device through which even small children can manage to acquire enough air for a family. It is primarily used for the filtering of air in conditions of nuclear, biological or chemical war, but also it is possible to use it even in case of accident in chemical plant, nuclear power station or similar. It is completely independent of electricity, which is particularly important in the case of any war conflict.

Offered Courses

Practically focused courses devoted mainly to the protection of persons and property against the effects of weapons of mass destruction. Primarily providing information which is very difficult for the general public to access.

Nuclear weapons Effects Analysis

A calculation of the destructive effects of likely close and more distant nuclear bursts on an object which, in the case of a war conflict, should serve as an improvised shelter. This study is basically somewhat an instruction manual, which points out the possible dangers on the actual object itself, and in particularly those on the people concealed inside, together also with containing advices on how to face these dangers, or at least, how to reduce them as much as possible. It also includes information about the possible long-term risks and how to deal with them. It is always presented in a way so that it is understandable to people of the widest age group.

What Lies Ahead in 2011 and 2012

This article from March 2011 addresses the connection between global development on this planet and the possible end of our civilization, (not the end of the world).

World Developments

An account of certain matters which have a significant influence on global development.


A daily summary of important news concerning current world events.