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Protection against WMD

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Referring to weapons of mass destruction, we usually have in mind nuclear, biological (formerly known as bacteriological), chemical, toxin and radiological weapons. Although all kinds of treaties banning their production, spreading and use in an armed conflict have been signed, it would not be wise to rely on them. They would probably not apply during a war. Moreover, the use of nuclear weapons in war has not been banned. When it comes to large-scale production of weapons of mass destruction, the easiest and fastest to produce are chemical and biological weapons; it would thus not be difficult to launch their production just before a looming conflict breaks out.

Towards the end of the article What Lies Ahead in 2011 and 2012 where we simulated a surface nuclear attack in the center of a hypothetical town, we demonstrated the dependence of loss of life on the level of knowledge about protection against nuclear weapons. The same applies to chemical, biological and toxin weapons – the more we know about protection against their effects, the smaller the problems we can expect. Like nuclear weapons, the efficiency of other weapons of mass destruction is influenced by a number of factors. The assessment of the effects of chemical, biological and toxin weapons on people must take into account the scope of the attack; the type of chemical warfare agents or biological agents or toxins used in the attack, their amount, the manner of their use; the speed with which the attack was detected; weather conditions prevailing at the time of the attack and in its wake (air temperature, and in the event of a chemical attack also the temperature of the ground surface, the direction and velocity of ground wind, intensity of precipitation, type of thermal stratification of the atmosphere, degree of cloud cover, air humidity, etc.); the distance from the epicenter of such an attack; vegetation (type, density, height and spread) and the shape of the landscape between the epicenter and the place of their occurrence; the character of the target (town, forest, meadow, etc.); the amount of time since the attack; length of time spent in the contaminated area; the amount of time since the attack at the moment of entry into the contaminated area; the type of protective equipments used during the time spent in the contaminated area; whether the people in the contaminated area had adequate knowledge about protection against an attack with weapons of mass destruction; the age of the affected individuals … It should be noted that if ten identical chemical bombs were to be used in a strike against ten different locations, the sizes of the contaminated areas could differ significantly – they could be even several times smaller or larger – moreover, each area would be contaminated for a more or less different length of time. The same would apply to the use of biological or toxin weapons.

In the event of use of chemical, biological or toxin weapons it would of course be necessary to be at least well informed about how to protect yourself against their effects. Nevertheless, it would be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to deal with their effects in some areas without the appropriate base. Even in an improvised shelter it would be hardly possible to do without good filter-ventilation. This requirement can be met by our manual filter-ventilation device which we had developed; the equipment is mobile and has been designed especially for use in war conditions following the deployment of weapons of mass destruction. Another vital necessity is long-term access to drinking water. This problem can be resolved with the help of special water treatment apparatus. Undoubtedly the most suitable option offering the best protection against weapons of mass destruction is the fallout shelter, which can be also of the “family” type. To those who would be interested in acquiring such a shelter, we offer our services in design and construction of fallout shelters.

What you will learn in the Protection against WMD course

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